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Simultaneous Connectivity to Multiple COM Ports

Serial to Ethernet Connector supports sharing a serial port simultaneously with multiple clients. It also enables a single client to connect to multiple remote serial interfaces.
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Transfer data from serial ports to multiple applications

Serial to Ethernet Connector lets you transmit data from a single serial port device to multiple remote computers. For example, you can connect a serially-connected GPS sensor to several remote computers and share its data simultaneously. Multiple users can access identical data at the same time with different applications from any network-connected location.
A GPS location being received by multiple computers

Consolidate data from multiple serial devices

Serial to Ethernet Connector can consolidate data transmission from multiple serial devices to a single remote computer. For example, you can merge the data from several alarm sensors to a centralized computer. Now, an operator has access to the signals from all devices simultaneously and is better prepared to make informed decisions regarding the systems being protected by the alarms.
A system of sensors being monitored on a single laptop

How to share a serial port with multiple computers

Install the Serial to Ethernet Connector on the computer with a physical connection to a serial device such as a GPS sensor. Install the software on all computers that need to access the GPS data.
Get the installer version for your operating system
On the computer connected to the GPS, create a server connection that listens to the physical port.
Select “Server connection” on the host, and the “RAW data” protocol
On a remote client machine, launch the software and navigate to the "Remote connections" tab. Select a name for the virtual port and click "Create" to establish communication with the server.
The tab is located on the toolbar at the top
Repeat the previous two steps on all computers that will access data from the GPS device.
Do the same thing on the single computer if you have multiple sensors
You can now transmit GPS data to all remote computers from a single server.
You can manage the connections either from the central computer or from the device hosts
Note: If automatic connection creation from the "Remote connections" tab is not functioning, you will need to create them manually. Please refer to the manual for instructions.

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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Connect Multiple COM ports at a time
14-day Free Trial available
License price starts at $259.95
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