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Point of sale software - the way to improve it

Today it’s hard to imagine a modern point of sale without such hardware equipment as a barcode scanner, scales, a payment terminal, or a cash register. At the same time, with the growing demand for specialized POS equipment, more and more points of sale rely on a dedicated POS software to support sophisticated POS hardware systems. The software is usually used to provide remote control over POS equipment, track data streams, collect information from each device, and guarantee efficient communication between all parts of a POS system.

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Challenge faced by developers of POS software

Specialized devices (payment terminals, electronic scales, etc.) used at POS are usually equipped with serial ports of a particular type. COM ports serve for connecting POS equipment to a POS computer system. With the help of POS software, streams of serial data coming from the POS devices can be redirected over the network. To transmit streams of serial protocols across the network and track down serial data coming through them, POS system software needs a special serial port virtualization technology that will let access COM ports of POS devices remotely.

Simple solution to improve the POS system

Serial Port virtualization technology developed by Electronic Team, Inc. is able to provide any network computer with access to remote COM ports, thus making it possible to track the activity of any serial port shared over Ethernet or the Internet.

Based on our technology, POS software can create an unlimited number of virtual connections and receive the flows of necessary serial data over the network. That means, any local machine will be able to recognize remote serial ports as its own real ones. This lets control all data streams coming through COM ports of remote serial devices from a single data server. Above that, the technology provides the ability to join separate data streams into one data flow and vice versa.

Cloud OS remote access integration

In fact, Serial Port Technology helps to create multiple virtual COM ports on a local PC. Connected via virtual serial ports, remote barcode scanners, scales, payment terminals, and other POS hardware devices are displayed in a local computer as though they were attached to the machine physically. Plus, integration of the technology into point of sale software will allow custom development of specialized applications for serial communication between POS computers and devices.

Key benefits of Serial Port Redirection Technology integration into POS software:

  1. With technology implementation you significantly expand the functionality of your end product making it more attractive to customers.
  2. You gain a competitive advantage over other providers of POS software, open new market segments and thus increase your company revenues.
  3. Flexible technology can be integrated in any OS. Electronic Team, Inc. specialists will help you make your product a unique offer in the POS market.
Developers of Windows c# desktop application use Serial Port Virtualization Technology to make it possible to communicate with multiple serial ports and, what’s more, log data of COM ports already opened directly in the app.


Serial Port Redirection Technology is used to get printing data when POS prints receipts to a printer connected via a serial port.

People & Technology Inc.

Serial port redirection technology helps display sessions of remote payment system computers (cash/credit/printing receipt) as COM1 in the cashier application at the main site of POS. With that, the remote computers are connected to the Terminal Server Farm (used at the main site) over the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. That way, the technology allows connecting 20x or more COM1 at a time. The number of virtual serial ports the technology can create on a computer is unlimited.

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