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Serial to Ethernet Connector
What our clients say about Serial over Ethernet software

    • (4.8),
    Alpha is an international company specializing in plastic packaging. We develop innovative packaging systems and injection-molded parts for a variety of industries.

    Recently, we have replaced software that is over 15 years old. That software was installed on the client machines and communicated with specialized measurement equipment via the COM port. The new solution that we use instead of the old application is web-based and independent of the client. It can be utilized on both the server and client sides. In order to link our legacy serial port devices to the new web-based software, we needed a third-party solution capable of creating virtual serial ports.

    Serial to Ethernet Connector allowed us to connect the old devices with the new web-based app. The main reason for choosing Electronic Team was the interface of the software. It seems much more intuitive and modern than those of the competition. With Serial to Ethernet Connector, we don’t have to replace the older equipment that is connected to clients via serial interfaces and can continue using it with the new solution.
    • (4.9),
    I’m a network engineer and I’m trying to create a network where each device will be able to both transmit and receive data. For this purpose, I’ve tried to use a variety of tools – from adapters with the built-in technology of converting serial data into the TCP/IP protocol to the software containing remote access code or technology.

    Serial to Ethernet Connector turned out to be the most effective solution I've tried so far. Serial port virtualization technology offered by this software is an efficient alternative to using additional computers or expansion cards. This technology is particularly useful in my data transmission system, as virtual RS 232 interfaces provide the simplest way for remote access and management of serial port devices over the network.
    • (5.0),
    I’m an engineer currently occupying the position of Technical Director at a small factory near Madrid. It has been my dream to become a private pilot, so I decided to use a flight simulator to be trained to do this. In addition to simulator software containing detailed cartography, I use the GPS software with scanned aeronautical maps. It helps me make my operational flight plan before flying.

    When I try to fly over unfamiliar territory, I need more detailed cartography so I try to receive the NMEA code from the simulator software to the GPS software via the COM port connection between two PCs.

    Trying to communicate both COM ports I started looking for a dedicated solution that would let me concentrate on the training and not the connectivity issues. Serial to Ethernet Connector gave me the freedom to focus on my target!

    Now I can get accurate and detailed cartography from anywhere in the world and make my flight plan with the GPS software. Serial to Ethernet Connector allows two computers to talk to each other using COM ports. Client GPS software reads the NMEA code sent from the simulator software running on another PC. As a result, I can take off from any aerodrome in the world and fly, having a GPS screen showing accurate geographical and flight data as real as it gets!
    • (4.6),
    PIUSI is an Italian company delivering professional solutions for transferring and measuring fuels, lubricants, and liquids.

    Claudio Corniani, Electronic Engineering Manager at PIUSI:

    Working in the field of mechanical engineering, we faced the challenge trying to provide our customers with products based on an Ethernet port. This was a new mode of communication. The existing software already installed by our customers used RS485 bus as the main communications port.

    We developed a new hardware board, highly dedicated to our products and acting as a bridge between the previous type of connection (communication bus) and new Ethernet port.

    We integrated the Serial to Ethernet Connector functionality into the hardware. This allowed us to virtualize a new serial port and redirect the communication traffic to the Ethernet port, without other modification on our original software application. In this way, our customers can continue using our software with new hardware interface communication.

    Serial to Ethernet Connector and its OEM license permitted us to produce a high quality and impact device software featuring more of our new product.
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Serial to Ethernet Connector
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