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Broadcast serial device data via UDP

Serial to Ethernet Connector lets you transmit data and messages to all computers on your LAN using UDP.
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Enhanced data communication flexibility

Greater flexibility is provided when using the UDP protocol due to its ability to encapsulate all data from a serial port. You can configure broadcast messages to simplify sending information to all network devices. No additional settings are required for anyone listening on the specified port to receive the messages.
Signals from serial hardware being received on multiple systems

How to share broadcast devices via UDP

Install Serial to Ethernet Connector on the machine connected to the COM port device that will be used to send data.
Make sure to get the right version for your OS
Launch Serial to Ethernet Connector and create a UDP connection using the application’s interface. The broadcast address is your network subnet, for instance, On computers with multiple networks, you can configure designated broadcasts for each network using the UDP port.
Select “UDP connection” and set it up
You can now broadcast data from the device’s serial port to an unlimited number of network devices or applications. Multiple connections can be set up with physical or virtual ports for a system that sends all data generated by any node to all clients.
The broadcasted device will appear on other computers in the connection list on the left
Note: Broadcast is a commonly used technique of delivering information generated by one sender to all network-attached devices. It is often used for sending messages to all network nodes or performing device discovery.

Configuring settings to support broadcast may require you to specify an address that reaches all network devices. IP networks commonly use to communicate with all network nodes. Settings for broadcast are based on the technologies used in a given computing environment.

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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Broadcast Serial Port Device over UDP
14-day Free Trial available
License price starts at $259.95
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