Serial over Ethernet Connector

Serial to Ethernet Connector offers you the ability to share the serial ports of your computer with other machines connected to the network, as well as transmit data generated by COM ports over the Ethernet. You are not bound by distance and can share a serial interface or attached device with users located anywhere in the world and they will have the same level of access as if their computer was directly connected. Two-way serial over network communication is implemented over the Ethernet between connected serial devices and the controlling software application.

Share serial port for incoming connections

Any number of local real or virtual serial ports can be shared over the Ethernet. There is no need for additional cabling in order to connect many clients simultaneously by using this RS232 over Ethernet software. Connected clients have the ability to send and receive serial data through either real or virtual serial ports.

Connect serial port to remote host

When you create a client connection with this serial over LAN communication software, data streams generated from the client will flow to the server. Data redirection from the local physical or virtual interfaces over TCP/IP begins as soon as the client connection is established. You only need to identify the remote serial server’s IP address and the name of the port that will be used for the connection. After the RS232 over IP connection is complete all data transmission travels via the Ethernet.

Change COM port parameters remotely

Using the Telnet protocol (RFC 2217), the server and client can communicate and exchange configuration details. They can alert the local host if changes are made to the COM port setting or their line states.

Works as Windows service

Serial over Ethernet Connector maintains the configuration of all connections by running as a Windows service. When your system reboots the connections are reconfigured before user login. Another benefit of running as a service is that the software’s interface can be shut down when you have completed configuring the settings. Closing the interface has no impact on the serial over LAN connections that you have created.