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Serial over Ethernet
Access serial ports over Ethernet network

Serial over Ethernet software allows you to share COM ports over the network and connect to remote serial devices like they were attached directly to your local computer. The program is designed to create virtual copies of real serial ports on remote PCs. If your computer lacks a serial port or you need additional COM interfaces for communicating with all of your COM-based devices, Serial over Ethernet software will let you create as many virtual serial ports as you need.
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The Serial Over Ethernet interface

Redirect serial ports over Ethernet

Redirect Serial Devices to the Cloud
With a Serial to Ethernet Connector, you can easily redirect the traffic of COM ports and allow remote access to them through cloud infrastructure. The COM port is redirected to the cloud where anyone with an Internet connection can access it. Learn more
Redirect Serial Devices to Virtual Environment
This convenient software enables effortless access to COM port devices from virtual machines. You can use software for Windows and Linux serial over Ethernet connection. With this tool, you will work with a serial port on Guest OS like it’s connected directly. Learn more
Share Serial Devices over Network
The Serial to Ethernet Connector lets you share COM port devices over the network. You can easily access the equipment as if it is physically attached to your local machine. Learn more
Connect multiple serial ports simultaneously
Serial to Ethernet Connector enables sharing a COM port to multiple clients simultaneously for parallel operations with it. At the same time, it allows a client to connect to several remote serial ports. Learn more
Broadcast devices via UDP
With Serial to Ethernet Connector, you can send serial data via UDP and broadcast messages to all computers in your network. Anyone listening on the designated port can receive the needed data without additional setup. Learn more
Redirect Serial Port to Telnet
The Serial to Ethernet Connector enables you to connect to serial devices and equipment through the Telnet RFC 2217 protocol. You can work with devices that not only transmit data but also use signal lines for transmitting additional signals and other port parameters, such as baud rate, flow control, parity, data bits, and stop bits. Learn more

Other noteworthy features of RS232 over Ethernet app

With RS232 over Ethernet app, you get a bunch of additional options that significantly widen your serial over IP sharing capabilities.

A network of 3 computers

Share serial devices over LAN

Serial to Ethernet Connector is an incredibly powerful software application capable of sharing any number of real and virtual serial ports over a local network and the Internet. The utility will let you work with any remote serial device like it was your local peripheral.
Redirection symbol

Redirect serial ports to virtual machine

Serial over Ethernet software is based on an advanced SOL technology that allows forwarding COM port devices to a guest OS running on your Windows PC. With Serial to Ethernet Connector, you can easily share your local serial port and access the device plugged into this interface from your virtual machine.
Cogs representing hardware

Software serial to Ethernet converter

Serial to Ethernet Connector lets you forward any serial port (RS232/422/485) to the network. In a couple of clicks, you can work with a COM port like with a network-attached device. The app works without any additional hardware adapters. Advanced Modbus Gateway (RTU/TCP) is also available in this software, and it lets you easily build multi-host Modbus polling.
A stylized USB icon

Connect to virtual serial ports over Ethernet

The program gives you a way to create an unlimited number of virtual serial ports if you don’t have a real COM interface in your computer or if physical ports are not enough. Virtual serial ports will work exactly like hardware ones and fully emulate real serial port behavior and parameters, which also makes it possible to build a Modbus network.

Choose The Optimal COM port Sharing Solution

Electronic Team has developed two COM port passthrough solutions that work over the network, in clouds, and virtual machines. Pick what match your demands better.
product logo Serial to Ethernet Connector
product logo FlexiHub
Share COM port over LAN
Share COM port over the Internet
Redirect Serial Port Data to UDP
Support Telnet (RFC2217)
Share USB devices over the Internet
Multiconnect feature
Sending Raw data
Free demo limitations
14-day trial period
5 sessions with remote devices, 30 days
License model

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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Access remote serial port over IP Network for Windows
14-day Free Trial available
License price starts at $259.95
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