Serial to Ethernet Connector
Access COM ports over LAN and the Internet

Serial over Ethernet software allows you to share COM ports over the network and connect to remote serial devices like they were attached directly to your local computer. The program is designed to create virtual copies of real serial ports on remote PCs. If your computer lacks a serial port or you need additional COM interfaces for communicating with all of your COM-based devices, Serial to Ethernet software will let you create as many virtual serial ports as you need.
Available for Windows, Linux and Windows Mobile

Redirect serial ports over Ethernet

Serial over LAN Connector makes it simple to access remote RS232/RS422/RS485 ports wirelessly across a local network or the Internet.

  • On the server side: share your local serial ports

    By creating a server connection, you share a local COM port over LAN in such a way that it becomes available for access from multiple remote client computers. If there is not an actual serial interface in your server system, you can create a virtual serial port that will fully emulate the configuration and settings of a real COM port.
  • On the client side: connect to ports shared remotely

    By establishing a client connection, you initiate data exchange between a real or virtual serial port of your client computer and a COM port shared on the server machine. To enable serial data transmission over a TCP/IP channel, you just need to specify the IP address of the remote host and a TCP port to connect to.
  • Forward serial data over UDP

    Serial to Ethernet software provides the ability to select UDP/IP as a transport protocol for your network communications. In this way, attached serial port devices can send communication data over a local network.
Other noteworthy features of RS232 to LAN Connector
With RS232 over Ethernet app, you get a bunch of additional options that significantly widen your serial over IP sharing capabilities.
RAW data transmission
When you need to send serial data as it is, without applying any protocol-specific formatting at the application layer, you can select the RAW data transmission option in the software settings.
Exchanging COM port configurations
Connected over the Telnet protocol (RFC 2217), a serial server and client can exchange their local port configurations. Every time you alter your COM port settings, the information on the changes is sent to the remote end.
Working as Windows service
Running as a Windows service, Serial over Network Connector maintains all of your network connections even when its interface is closed. Both the incoming and outgoing connections are re-configured upon the system boot automatically.
Data transfer control
The software allows you to control the way serial data is transported over the network. You can pause sending the network packets, accumulate data in a buffer for a certain amount of time, etc.
Corporate, OEM & Source code
Whether you're looking at redistributing our Serial port redirection engine as a part of your product or considering Serial to Ethernet Connector software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.
What you can achieve with Serial to Ethernet Connector
  • In our quality control laboratory, we use specialized instruments which communicate with computers via serial ports. To avoid constant relocation and re-calibration of the equipment, we decided to try sharing the devices over LAN. Serial to Ethernet Connector helped us do this easily. Now, if somebody needs to connect to a particular device, they can share serial over Ethernet and access it remotely via a terminal server.
    Olivia Lane, Pollution Control Engineer
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Serial to Ethernet Connector
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