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Transfer Serial Data to the Cloud

Installing Serial to Ethernet Connector on a cloud server gives it access to network-connected local serial ports.
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Establish cloud access for COM port devices

Serial to Ethernet Connector supports communication between cloud computers and virtually any type of serial port device or peripheral equipment. Cloud computers running application software can access and control serial devices with the same functionality as achieved with a direct connection to the COM port or device.
Serial hardware being connected to a cloud server

Supported cloud environments

Serial to Ethernet Connector supports redirecting serial port devices in multiple cloud environments including Azure, AWS, VMware ESX, Oracle, UIBM Cloud, and Google Cloud.
Popular cloud service providers

How to establish cloud access to a serial port device

Obtain cloud service that provides a public IP address. Install Serial to Ethernet Connector on a local and cloud computer.
Select your system, get the installer and run it
Create a virtual port on the cloud computer with a connection type of server and Telnet for data transmission type.
Set up a “Server connection” on the computer that hosts the device
Configure the physical serial port on the local computer with the connection type client. Use the cloud’s real IP address and the TCP port number for the connection address.
Start a “Client connection” on the cloud server
You can now access the serial port device from the cloud machine.
Select the connection from the list to get information about it

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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Passthrough your serial port to the Cloud
14-day Free Trial available
License price starts at $259.95
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