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Redirect Serial Port Data over Telnet

Serial to Ethernet Connector enables you to use the Telnet RFC 2217 protocol to access serial devices.
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Access serial ports via Telnet RFC 2217

Serial to Ethernet Connector provides remotely accessing serial devices such as industrial monitoring equipment that supports the Telnet protocol. Telnet allows you to connect to remote serial ports as if they were local to your machine and maintain all functionality over connected devices. Using Telnet gives you the ability to work with devices that employ signal lines to transmit additional data such as baud rate, parity, and stop bits. Examples of this type of device include modems and printers that use the Data Carrier Detect (DCD) signal to indicate they are ready for operation.
A piece of serial hardware being shared between two computers

Consider these network settings when working with Serial to Ethernet Connector:

The Raw protocol ignores all parameters and transmits data directly from the serial port to the network. When using this mode, you need to configure the physical port correctly to ensure proper functionality. You can establish multi-connections using this protocol.
Telnet with RFC 2217 extensions enables the server and client to exchange Telnet IP port information. Changes to the local port are communicated to the remote machine, eliminating any worry about coordinating the settings. This mode only allows peer-to-peer connections.

How to redirect Serial port data over Telnet

Install the Serial to Ethernet Connector software on the computer with a connection to the serial port device and the remote machine that will access its data.
Get and launch the installer
Set up a TSP server connection on the computer connected to the device.
Make sure to select “Telnet” on the host computer when creating the connection
Go to the “Remote connections" tab on the second machine and click on the previously created server to establish a connection. Select a name for the virtual port and click “Create” to complete the connection.
Select “Client connection” to find the shared device
You can now access the serial device over Telnet with the same level of control as with a direct physical connection.
You can edit a connection and view info on it on either device

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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Redirect COM port to Telnet
14-day Free Trial available
License price starts at $259.95
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