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Improve Intelligent Transport software with Virtualization technology

An efficient and highly developed transport system is one of the key components of a modern city infrastructure. Today, advanced network technologies allow providing the existing transport system equipment with new intellectual capabilities so that it can effectively interact, exchange information, analyze data, and ensure a rapid response to emergency situations. Improved with dedicated transportation software programs, current transport systems are one step ahead of the city's needs for passenger and freight traffic.

All technologies, applications, and platforms which are used to increase the benefits of transportation to commercial users and the public in general together form what is known as an intelligent transportation system (ITS).

Smart transportation system is a complex of interconnected automated systems (car navigation, speed cameras, traffic signal control systems, variable message signs, and other) which solve the tasks of traffic management to reduce road accidents, improve the efficiency of public transport and cargo transportation, ensure overall transport security, improve environmental performance of the transport sector, etc.

ITS software with Virtualization technology
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The ITS communication problem

Recent advances in embedded technologies have resulted in growing capabilities of embedded system processors. Embedded system solutions became compatible with PC processors, which made it possible to transfer numerous intelligent services from the PC level to the level of embedded systems.

New advanced microprocessor modules included in ITS work with real-time operating systems and more sophisticated software applications, as the availability of real-time information and analytics expands capabilities of various specialized applications like fleet monitoring software, tolling management apps, ticket management, transportation pricing, traffic light controller, traffic monitoring programs, and more.

Given that the main task of an intelligence transportation system is to improve route performance and enhance rider experience by collecting, transmitting, and analyzing data related to traffic, ITS developers try to create efficient solutions for remote device management and control.

The easiest way to access specialized ITS hardware remotely is to share the devices over the network so that they can be accessed from a single data center over COM ports. However, this task may become rather challenging unless you have a dedicated port redirection technology able to forward serial port data over the Internet.

The way Serial Port Virtualization improves the transportation systems

Serial Port Virtualization Technology is a unique solution that allows sharing COM-based devices over network protocols. The technology makes it possible to redirect equipment across LAN or the Internet so that devices appear in remote client systems as though they were physically connected to these machines.

By implementing the technology in ITS software or integrating it into the operating systems of ITS equipment, ITS developers get the ability to create a fully-automated transportation system.

Thanks to Serial Port Redirection Technology, it becomes possible to collect data from all network devices at a time, manage it and interact with the dataflow.

With the technology, all communications established in traffic monitoring systems can be controlled and operated remotely over any distance. In addition, Serial port Virtualization enables secure data exchange with any serial app (including dedicated trucking software, transport software, logistics software, etc.) running on remote machines.

Serial Port Virtualization Technology

The technology can be integrated into any OS and customized to meet any user requirements. What's more, Electronic Team, Inc. specialists can help develop a custom software solution with an unlimited number of simultaneous connections based on the advanced Port Redirection Technology.

The benefits Serial Port Virtualization provides for developers of intelligent transportation systems and specialized software applications for working with transport systems.

  1. Serial Port Virtualization Technology allows connecting any system to an unlimited number of remote devices at a time and transferring unlimited amounts of data.
  2. The technology eliminates the need for wired communications established over expensive and bulky cables, connectors, and adapters, which is especially useful when it comes to management of signaling equipment. All network devices can be accessed from a single point of control wirelessly.
  3. Thanks to our Port Redirection Solution, developers of intelligent transportation systems can significantly reduce development costs and get a ready to deploy solution working with transport equipment remotely.

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