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UAV telemetry over IP - Port Virtualization Technology integration

The swift development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in recent years can be explained by the increased global investments and research in advanced robotic systems such as sensors, communications, and networking technologies. Today drones are used for different purposes and can be of a big help in numerous occasions in both military and civilian areas.

One of the latest trends in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles is using several UAVs integrated into a single system in order to achieve one high-level goal (telemetry over IP, UAV remote sensing, etc.). To coordinate those mobile UAV teams, you’ll need an advanced networking model to be set up on the on-ground and remote nodes. With the proper networking solution, it becomes possible for nodes to communicate directly (if within the same network), or indirectly through relay nodes like UAVs.

UAV telemetry over IP
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The most common problems faced by wireless telemetry specialists

Let's say you can receive UAV telemetry monitoring data to your local on-ground machine where it’s further processed and analyzed. But what if you needed to redirect this data to another machine (or machines) available in your network? Obviously, it’ll require running virtual COM port software on your computer in order to extract the serial signal and forward it across the network.

Besides that, drones are commonly used for remote sensing purposes. Given that telemetry data comes from a remote UAV, remote telemetry monitoring may become another challenge you’ll face. Is there any way to overcome these problems once and for all?

The best solution for network telemetry and remote access to UAVs

Serial Port Virtualization Technology is the simplest way to provide your telemetry tracking system with the serial port virtualization capability. One of the main tasks of this unique solution is collecting of data from each drone in order to create a general picture in the telemetry monitoring system. The technology is designed to create virtual serial interfaces which completely emulate the configuration and behavior of physical COM ports. That means no matter how far a UAV or remote computer is, you’ll be able to access them and exchange data via a virtual connection.

You can either integrate the technology directly into the UAV or add it to your communicating software. This way you get a wireless telemetry system where all components (software and hardware) can “talk” to each other no matter the distance.

solution for network telemetry

One of the key advantages of Serial Port Virtualization Technology is its flexibility. The technology can be customized according to your needs and specific requirement of your telemetry system.

Clear benefits you get with Serial Port Virtualization Technology:

  1. Stable and reliable communications with any remote drone without the need to install additional software on the on-ground computer. The machine will get telemetry over IP without additional settings.
  2. High security of network connections. Thanks to advanced traffic encryption deployed by Serial port Virtualization, the data received from drones is protected from unauthorized access.
  3. By improving your telemetry system with the port virtualization capability, you create a unique product and get a significant advantage over your competitors.
We have three types of Fixed Wing UAVs with different sizes from 1-meter to 7-meter wingspan. We needed a dedicated software to work in the ground control station and receive the telemetry data from our UAVs. Serial Port Virtualization Technology is just what made it possible. Now, the UAV sis sends telemetry information over IP-Serial Port and the technology helps to host a virtual port and receive the serial port data over Ethernet.

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