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Hardware RS232 to IP connectors

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  1.  Moxa COM to IP converter
  2.  Startech serial to IP converter
  3.  Lantronix serial over IP converter
  4.  DIGI RS232 over IP

Modern computers, especially laptops, are not equipped with serial ports. You may have run into issues attempting to access an important peripheral that relies on serial connectivity. One way around this limitation is with a serial to IP converter. This piece of equipment enables you to send serial traffic across an IP-based network.

COM over IP converter

This valuable device is usually a small piece of hardware that receives data from serial devices like card readers, point-of-sale equipment, or industrial automation sensors. It converts the serial data into IP data packets that it forwards over an available network. Serial to IP converters are a cost-effective solution to accessing peripheral devices over a network. Here are some options if you need a serial to TCP/IP converter.

Electronic’s Team Serial to TCP/IP Converter is a software solution to the problem of sharing RS485/RS422/RS232 devices over IP network. It acts as an RS485 to IP converter without the need for extra cables or hardware. It is an intuitive serial to TCP/IP converter that can be implemented without any programming skills. All you need to do is install the application on your computer and you can share serial ports and their attached devices with any other network-connected machine.
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COM over IP converter by Moxa

COM over IP converter by Moxa

One solution is the NPort 5100 by Moxa. It enables you to connect to any serial peripherals attached to a computer on your LAN. This hardware device is backed by a five-year warranty and supports the Linux and Windows operating systems.

Startech serial to IP converter

Startech serial over IP converter

With this single-port serial device server, you can easily connect to RS232 equipment located on your LAN. It also allows you to manage and configure devices over the network.

Extended control capability can be obtained for the converter with a free application. NETRSAPP is Serial Device Application Software available from Using the application with the NETRS2321P converter provides you with a customizable serial control interface that can be run on iOS and Android devices as well as through the Chrome web browser.

You can achieve fast baud rates with this converter of up to 460.8Kbps. With this tool, you can connect to remote serial devices and enjoy the same functionality as if your computer had a direct physical connection to them.

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RS232 to TCP/IP device server by Lantronix

RS232 to TCP/IP device

Here is another hardware solution for establishing serial connectivity over an IP network. The UDS1100 by Lantronix provides users with one port through which control can be exerted over serial devices that are not directly connected to the network.

One nice feature of this Serial to IP converter is its support of serial tunneling. Using serial tunneling you can capture serial data sent from a device connected to the adapter and forward it to any remote computer on your network. The distance of your network connections can be increased by setting up a pair of UDS1100 converters that will connect automatically using IP.



Digi’s serial over IP converter is the ConnectPort LTS terminal server family. It is designed for work in many specific serial-to-IP situations such as property management, data acquisition, and data center port management. It is a flexible and cost-effective method of providing RS-232/422/485 serial-to-Ethernet connectivity for industrial automation implementations.

The converter furnishes many advanced features that enhance its functionality. A dual IPv4/IPv6 stack, port logging, user port sharing, and SSL are just some of its attributes. It includes a software development kit and Python support which makes this hardware device a good platform for Linux programmers. Other features of note are a memory slot that takes SD cards for storage, reliability through dual GB Ethernet, and a large display screen that facilitates configuring and operating the device.

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