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Serial over LAN software

Businesses have evolved the way they manage their operations to conform to the demands of the digital age. Using serial over LAN technology provides an organization with a method with which serial devices can be shared and managed remotely from any location. Using a serial port over LAN or SOL technique can give them a competitive advantage by providing enhanced services to their customers and maximizing the utility of their peripheral hardware. An RS232 over LAN implementation allows the entire organization to make use of limited hardware resources.

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To communicate with computers (system units) these devices usually use serial ports. If the direct connection is not possible, communications are established with the help of a serial to LAN software. A dedicated app like COM to LAN Connector allows redirecting serial data over a local network in such a way that remote serial port devices appear in the central computer as though they were physically attached to that machine.

RS232 over LAN Connector is a professional utility that provides access to remote serial port devices over Ethernet or the Internet. The software lets you create virtual COM ports through which computers communicate with remote equipment. You don’t need any additional hardware, cables, or wires. With the app, you simply share a COM port over LAN and create its virtual copy on a remote PC. Connected to the shared port, a serial device becomes available for remote access and control.
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

Connect serial ports over Ethernet
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

How to redirect a COM port to LAN using this advanced software solution

Let’s imagine that you have a COM-based barcode reader which is located at a distance from your local computer. You need to access the device from an app installed on your machine. To achieve this, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Serial to Ethernet Connector and install it on the computer (server) to which the reader is attached physically and your local computer (client) that will reach the device over LAN. Note that a client can be any real or virtual machine running Windows or Linux OS.

  2. Next, start the program on the server machine, set up the required parameters and create a Server connection by clicking the corresponding button. This will make the reader accessible over the network.

  3. Then, launch the software on the client and “Connect” to the shared barcode reader over Ethernet.

This is it! Now, all data from the remote device will be available on your computer as if it were your local peripheral.

When you establish a client connection to the server machine, in essence, the software creates a virtual port on the client and connects it to the real physical port of the server PC via a virtual null-modem cable. Once linked, the virtual port copies the behavior of the real port on the remote side.

Hardware RS232 to LAN adapter

Serial to Ethernet software is probably the easiest method to access COM over LAN. The software is simple to install and use and it doesn’t require complex configurations and programming skills. Alternatively, you can try sharing your COM ports with a hardware RS232 to LAN converter and see which solution is best for you.

RS232 to LAN converter (adapter, or device server) is a compact hardware device designed to transform serial data to and from network packets. This solution is a big help for those looking for an easy way to reach serial devices over a local network.

LAN adapter

Serial over LAN adapters usually come with a virtual port driver that allows configuring serial connections over Ethernet. The app should be installed on the PC to which your hardware will be connected. With the help of the program, you provide your system with a virtual COM port enabling it to see and access remote serial devices.

Serial to Ethernet Connector

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