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Best Serial port redirector software in 2024

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COM port redirector software is used to enable computers and laptops to access serial devices over a network. It is useful in situations where you need to connect to remote devices or when the computer you are using doesn’t have any available serial ports. Through the use of an IP serial port redirector, you can access remote devices and gain the same functionality as if you had a direct physical connection.

This article discusses several popular and effective serial port redirection applications. Let’s take a look at these solutions.

1. Serial to Ethernet Connector

Electronic’s Team Serial to Ethernet Connector is a well-established commercial product that has been available for over ten years. It extends the functionality of your computer by providing multiple virtual COM ports to machines with no physical interfaces. Access multiple remote serial devices with this software. The number of virtual connections is limited only by your system’s resources. Serial data is converted and transmitted between your machine and peripheral devices attached to the network.

Serial to Ethernet Connector offers users a flexible serial redirection solution with cross-platform support for Windows and Linux operating systems. The application can be used on a wide variety of virtual platforms including Hyper-V, VMware, and virtual PC.
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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Connect serial ports over Ethernet
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

Connect network-attached serial applications or devices through virtual serial port pairs created by the program. Virtual ports created with Serial to Ethernet Connector emulate all parameters and functionality of physical interfaces, making them fully compatible with any serial application.

How to use Serial to Ethernet Connector:

Download the COM port redirector software and install it on the machine that will act as a server and has a direct connection to a serial device. You also need to install the app on all of the client computers that will remotely access the server’s device. It also needs to be installed on any virtual guest operating systems that will connect to the device.
 Download the COM port redirector software
Start the program on the server and choose ‘Create Server Connection’. Configure the communication parameters.
 Start the program on the server
Launch the app on a client that requires remote access and configure the connection.
 Launch the app on a client
That’s all there is to it. You now have the same access to network-attached devices as you do with physical connections to local devices.

This COM port redirector runs on all Windows versions from XP through Windows 10 in both the 32-bit and 64-bit varieties. It also is supported on Windows Server 2012 and as a command-line application for Linux systems. The Linux version is also suitable for use with ARM-based devices.

Serial Port Redirector video tutorial

2. FlexiHub

Amid all the variety of serial port redirectors, FlexiHub admittedly holds a unique position. Using this app, you’ll have no trouble accessing remote serial devices from your PC over your local network or Wi-Fi or even over the Internet, regardless of how far apart they are. FlexiHub is a top choice for anyone who’s looking for a high-speed and reliable COM port redirector. To top it off, FlexiHub keeps your data safe with an advanced 2048-bit SSL encryption. No data loss, unwanted access, or system infiltration ever again!

Access remote serial devices from your PC

To accelerate serial data transfer, FlexiHub features the traffic compression function. It will prove extra useful to you if you’re going to redirect traffic from a device that normally won’t compress its outgoing data.

And what’s more, the latest app version for Windows has a very awesome improvement — FlexiChat. Using this new advanced feature, you can directly exchange comments and reactions with anyone who’s logged into your FlexiHub account.

Video tutorial

3. Tactical Software COM port Redirector

Com Port Redirector is designed to facilitate sharing serial interfaces across a network. It enables virtual serial port mapping for PC users. Serial applications can take advantage of this tool to communicate with remotely located devices over the network. The functionality provided by this solution enables users to control and interact with remote serial peripherals as if they had a direct connection to the device. The Windows COM port API is used by serial applications when they require access to network-attached serial devices. When establishing a connection, a virtual serial port initiates a TCP/IP connection using pre-defined TCP ports and IP addresses. This application enables you to remotely connect to serial devices over an IP-based network. The tool provides virtual COM ports that emulate and function as a physical interface. A free 30-day trial is available for this app which supports Windows 10/8/7/XP and Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003.

com port redirector

Key features of Virtual Com Port Redirector:

  • Controlling serial-based peripheral devices over an IP-based network. Up to 4,096 virtual serial ports can simultaneously establish inbound and outbound connections to previously configured network-attached endpoints.
  • No distance limitation for serial communication. Transfer serial data with the same level of functionality of physical COM ports.
  • Allowing communication between remote equipment and serial programs
  • Sniffing serial port traffic
  • Monitoring signal control lines
  • The Auto Configure feature recommends port settings and verifies successful connectivity.
  • Specify each serial port’s TCP number and IP address.
  • Open a connection to an endpoint using any virtual COM port.
  • End endpoint connections by simply closing the virtual COM port.
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4. Network Serial Port Kit

Network Serial Port Kit lets users share local and remote serial devices by redirecting COM ports traffic over a network. By using the serial/IP COM port redirector, physical serial ports can be made accessible to anyone on the network. FabulaTech serial port redirector compatibility is maintained with virtual serial ports that perform identically to physical interfaces.

Network Serial Port Kit

Easily access and share unlimited serial devices with Network Serial Port Kit on Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

5. TCP/Com

TCP/Com is a basic TCP communication tool that can be used to address a variety of network connectivity issues. This free serial port redirector software lets you map serial interfaces, turn a computer into a serial device server, and communicate remotely with serial devices and programs over a network. You can split data received through a serial port so that it can be used by multiple applications simultaneously. Remote serial ports and devices can be accessed across a network with the full functionality of a direct physical connection.


TCP/Com supports all versions of the Windows OS from 98 to Windows 10 (32- and 64-bit).

6. Lantronix

Lantronix Com Port Redirector (CPR) is an application that maps virtual serial interfaces on a Windows computer. It redirects data destined for a local serial port to an Ethernet network using the TCP/IP protocol. This allows the data to be transmitted to any network-attached device. The communication is received by a network device server which translates the data and forwards it to the connected device.

When data is transmitted from the network-attached equipment though the device server’s COM port, the Lantronix serial port redirector relays the communication over Ethernet. The control application receives the data and treats it the same way it would if it had come from a locally connected device.

CPR version 4 is compatible with Microsoft’s 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, and 2008 ServerOperating Systems. It can also be run on 32-bit versions of Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7, Vista, 2003 Server, and XP.

Depending on your needs, you should be able to find an RS232 port redirector that works for you. You can opt for a free solution, but remember, there are valid reasons for spending money on a software tool. Technical support and application updates can make all the difference in the world when you run into problems using the tool. It might be the difference between a successful project and one that fails miserably.

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