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Access COM port in Hyper-V

Olga Weis Olga Weis

Virtualization is used by many organizations to extend the capabilities of their computing environment. Virtual machines offer the flexibility of running multiple operating systems on a single physical computer for the purposes of testing or using specialized software applications. The virtual guests share the host’s disk space, memory, and CPU, minimizing the required physical resources.

Virtual serial port technology enables you to connect a virtual machine to any peripheral device attached to a local computer’s COM port. Enabling the serial port in the virtual machine is done differently based on the type of virtualization package you are using. In some cases, this is done with a few minor configuration changes from within the VM. Other solutions require the use of third-party communication software.

This article talks about a number of methods that allow COM port to virtual machine access in Hyper-V and other virtualization platforms.

Serial over Ethernet Connector is the easiest way to enable Hyper-V port forwarding. The software creates virtual serial ports that fully emulate the host machine’s physical interfaces.
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The connectivity allows a guest virtual machine to access any serial device that is attached to a computer on the same network. You can remotely connect to COM devices located anywhere on your network from within Hyper-V. The virtualized Hyper-V COM port gives the guest OS full control over devices attached to the shared port just as if there was a direct connection to the equipment.

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Hyper-V serial port access - video tutorial

How to enable serial port in Hyper-V

The virtual machine’s serial port must be set up from within the Hyper-V. For this, you need to start from the Hyper-V Manager. Begin by… Hyper-V Manager
Right-clicking the virtual machine and selecting "Settings."
Choose the COM port from the “Hardware” menu.
Click the Named Pipe Radio button.
Enter the name for the pipe in the Pipe name textbox.
Make a note of the Named pipe path shown by Hyper-V shows.

From the Hyper-V Host Machine

Make use of a serial client to connect to the named pipe by using the Named pipe path. There is also a second method that describes how to pass serial port from RDP to a virtual machine (Hyper-V). It requires access to the virtual machine through the "Remote Desktop Connection" application.

  1. Look for the “Show Options” button on the left corner at the bottom.
  2. Then, look for the “Local Resources” tab.
  3. Look for the box called "Local Devices and Resources".
  4. Then, click "More".
  5. Tick the “Ports” box.
  6. Now, sign in to the virtual machine via the tab placed under "General".

This will give you access to your local machine’s resources inside your virtual machine.

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